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20 November 2014

Mr President,
Myanmar – (Burma) – Your Interference

From: - (Churchill memoirs. Vol. V11, pages 178 – 940 – 53)

London – (via US army)
Telegram 2106
T.O.R – 8-30pm – 1st April – 1942

“Speaking as one amateur to another, my feeling is that the wisest stroke for Japan would be to press on through Burma northwards into China and try to make a job of that. They may disturb India but I doubt its serious invasion”.

Your predecessor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, received the above, 1st April 1942 signal of disgust from British Prime Minister, Winston Spencer Churchill. British troops were in a dire situation against an overwhelming Japanese army, in Central Burma: - Although recently, ‘invited to enjoin in the war’, and with no troops in Burma, Roosevelt failed to respond to Churchill’s fowl and dismissive diatribe.
Such was the treachery of the castigating message, ‘discarding his British army’. Whiskey sodden Churchill failed to retrieve the missile from dispatch. He cowardly secreted it away for thirty years. Roosevelt acceptance implies equal guilt.
In view of your much publicised shortcomings, you now seek personal publicity; - visit Burma, meet Ms Aung San Su Chi and attempt chiding the Burmese government: - The Burmese have problems; but nothing like you, also Cameron & Co in this country! Your Atom and Napalm Bombs, along with Agent Orange, cover the rubbish you present as solders: - I witnessed them, close up!
Go back to Myanmar; - Tell them why Roosevelt made no comment on the Churchill expletive, and no effort to provision Burma, along with the many thousands of floundering British Army troops, brutally discarded by Churchill.

Get your provocative trash out of Europe! I want your Pentagon obliterated!

Yours, as given! (Aged 95) – See my book, “Chinese Save Brits”
G Fitzpatrick – Former – GSO 111 (Operations), HQ, 30 Corps.
                          GSO 111 (Operations), HQ, British Army of the Rhine.
                         Generals; - ** Bernard Montgomery / ***** Brian Horrocks
Copies: - Russia (Pentagon?) – China – India – Burma – British Press

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