Wednesday, 26 November 2014

22nd July 2014

General  XXX

Dear, Sir

Thank you for your letter of 18th July, regarding procedure for 26th August commemoration. I have a slight quandary as to where I stand. My father, 9422 Private John Fitzpatrick, was a signaler, served in 2/KOYLI for nine years pre-1914, and throughout WW-1. His Le Cateau medal carries the ‘Mentioned in Despatches’ star. I served, 2/KOYLI, in Burma, (79 survived), and India, - 1942/46.

Am I recognized as KOYLI descendent?
Where do I fit in your sixth category?

In acknowledging guests, VIP or not: - I see them all as no more than my equal, and would please appreciate knowing who they are and why invited. With selectivity, I would have invited Prince Harry, and His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of China – Taiwan. In two VIP visits to Taiwan, and to Hong Kong, my wife and I were treated equivalent to Royalty.

I am sorry at the ‘No British Medals’. I particularly wish to show my most honourable, high, Chinese Force Commendation.

I don’t know in advance if I can thank you for a guest list?

Yours sincerely, and looking forward to our meeting.

G Fitzpatrick

PS – In my three published books, I unhesitatingly mention my usurping Chadwick, the dithering third CO, and the possible irreversible, and fatal, consequences of my action.

It would be nice if somebody, possible one of your selective VIP’s got behind the idea of getting British acceptance of the vital Chinese Army support in Burma. In defiance of the scum of British High Command, - I of 2/KOYLI, joined with them at a critical, 19th April 1942, battle at Yenangyaung. It saved Brits! Now carries a magnificent memorial.

All that mattered since the war, is Harlot Thatcher and her succession of minions: - to Cameron, Hague and Hammond, masking Churchill and his 1st April ’42 damnation signal, sent to USA President Roosevelt: - Secreted away for 30 years!
“Wisest plan for Japan is to press on through Burma”

2/KOYLI did not leave Burma for seven further weeks: - until 23rd May 1942.
The whole if this, and more, - to the Cold War, from 1946, is contained in my recent book: - ‘Chinese Save Brits – in Burma’ – Get one!

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