Wednesday, 26 November 2014

1st August 2014

 General  XXX

Dear, Gen XX

I have not heard of your speaker selection for the Le Cateau anniversary meeting. I am sure that you are aware that twaddle from numerous individuals, attempting to politically justify, and bolster, the diminished and disillusioned remnants of proud County Regiments, could be boring in the extreme. The dim Government, attempting to sell the newly introduced, ‘Reserve forces business’, is failing.

It is clear that the only person attending the function, with historic connections to WW-1, is the son of No 9422: - Private, Signaller, John Fitzpatrick, 2/KOYLI. His medals carry the 1914 Bar, and Mentioned in Despatches for both Le Cateau and Ypres. From this; No 160575: Captain Gerald Fitzpatrick, 2/KOYLI, was pleased to establish the most intimate association with WW-1, and feels that a speech by him could somewhat surprise and entertain luncheon guests. His post war writing of three books, (includes the recent, “Chinese Save Brits –in Burma,” at age 94).

He spares nothing in naming both the superb, and numerous rubbish Commanders under whom he served: - One of which he, (fully aware of the possible consequences), usurped in the face of the enemy, and had the shear joy of meeting with a superb Chinese force: - One which the British, in masking cowardice by Churchill, and Alexander, his failed Commander, will not honour, as should any decent nation.

Fitzpatrick continued to lead, and Commanded the extermination of a band of 27 armed and recalcitrant oilfield workers. A duty no other British officer has performed, and one the British Government, from Thatcher to the present, have averted persistently, in spite of numerous approaches. The Burmese are in no doubt!

The Chinese reaction is in no doubt of the truth. Gerald and Patricia have twice visited the Republic of China – Taiwan in the last two years, ‘As guests of the Government’, and already have a further ‘Presidential’ invite for 2015. After addressing assemblies for over six hundred in Hong Kong recently, Your captain Gerald Fitzpatrick is well qualified to entertain and enlighten all at the important Lunch.

People do not want to be bored!

Looking forward to meeting you and our numerous guests,

Yours sincerely,

G Fitzpatrick

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